Use large gatherings to introduce the importance of preschool attendance and monitoring absences

Large gatherings such as orientation, class meetings for parents, and parent workshops for parents and other caregivers provide important opportunities for directors and teachers to raise awareness and engage families in dialogue about why attendance is important. Attendance Works hands-on activities for large group meetings stimulate thoughtful discussion and help strengthen peer-to-peer support among the parents and caregivers:

Family workshops with parents or caregivers and children, such as literacy, math or other themed meetings provide a rich opportunity to reinforce attendance messaging. Consider introducing or ending the event by honoring parents and children with strong or improved attendance. A certificate of achievement for strong or improved attendance helps keep the momentum going.
  • Certificate of achievement to honor children and families
  • Routines that Rock (song) – Consider making a video!
  • Routines that Rock (chart) – Uses arts and crafts materials