3 Tiers of Intervention

Reducing chronic absence fits nicely into the three-tiered reform systems being successfully implemented to reduce chronic absenteeism in schools and districts across the United States.

Tier 1 represents universal strategies to encourage good attendance for all students.

Tier 2 provides early intervention for students who need more support to avoid chronic absence.

Tier 3 offers intensive support for students facing the greatest challenges to getting to school.

Foundational Supports. The pyramid graphic (below) shows how the 3 Tiers of Intervention sit on top of foundational supports. We believe that these foundational supports are the building blocks of good schools that promote attendance. 

Some supports, such as access to computer equipment, internet connectivity, access to learning support for students, and support for families to help them facilitate learning at home are even more fundamental when instruction is remote. When resources are not in place, it is the responsibility of the school and community to put them in place.

Find examples of intervention practices that schools and districts should try at each tier.

Examples of Tiered Practices

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