Our partnership with Attendance Works is moving the needle on educational justice in Arkansas. The coaching, technical assistance, and policy leadership of Attendance Works has decreased chronic absences in Arkansas schools, influenced local and statewide policy change, and leveraged state resources to ensure aspiring Arkansas readers are prepared to read on grade-level by the end of third grade.”
— Dr. Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury, President and CEO, The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Now is the time!  Chronic absence is a serious problem affecting as many as 8 million students across the country. Missing just two days a month over the course of a school year leads to disparities in student outcomes. But it is a problem that can be solved so that students can succeed and thrive. Attendance Works offers an array of effective, affordable technical assistance and consulting services to state agencies, school districts, individual schools, and communities across the country that are seeking ways to reduce chronic absence. As a nonprofit, we are dedicated to building capacity and sharing solutions, thereby creating a chance to solve this critical issue while enabling young people to attend school and have an equal opportunity to learn.

Watch this video to find out how to address chronic absence:

Technical Assistance
We have developed a comprehensive set of resources for schools, school districts, communities and states. The following are found on our website and are provided free of charge:  

Messaging materials such as flyers, infographics, videos and sample presentations about attendance that are tailored for specific audiences such as school administrators, parents, and or afterschool providers.

Toolkits offer resources for monitoring, understanding, and addressing chronic absence beginning in the early grades, including strategies that can be implemented at the school, district, and state level.

View our Toolkits to get the assistance you need to improve attendance.

Data Tools such as the District Attendance Tracking Tool (DATT) and the School Attendance Tracking Tool (SATT), are self-calculating spreadsheets that allow school districts to insert student data to analyze local chronic absence patterns.

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Online Webinars that focus on what works to address chronic absence provided by leading researchers, policy makers and practitioners who share ideas and strategies.

Attendance Works is partnering with Teaching Ready to provide our new Teaching Attendance Curriculum. This series of free, interactive online training courses will help you and your colleagues learn how to improve attendance in your school. Please register to access the courses.

Use of Name, Logo and Materials Policy Please feel free to download and use these materials as long as Attendance Works is cited as a source and changes to content are not made without our permission.

Attendance Works also offers a range of Technical Assistance on a fee-for-service basis including:

  • Keynotes, Workshops and Presentations tailored to specific audiences upon request.

  • Online Webinars tailored to specific audiences upon request.

  • Peer Learning Networks encompass a planned series of facilitated activities to build the capacity of district teams to reduce chronic absence. Peer Learning Networks combine strategic analysis and use of data, peer to peer sharing and evidence-based practices to drive systemic change.

Consulting Services
In addition to the comprehensive set of technical assistance products described above, we also offer fee-based consulting services tailored to individual state agencies, school districts and schools.
The consulting package consists of three phases of work. While the phases are sequential and additive, each is considered a discreet, stand-alone scope of work. Completing each phase is required in order to advance to the next phase.
  • Initial consultation or diagnostic. An initial consultation precedes work with a school, district or state agency. It is intended to determine the readiness of, opportunity for and type of collaboration Attendance Works will enter into with the state agency, school district or school.

  • Planning phase. Beginning planning includes an assessment of the nature and quality of the contributors to the problem of chronic absence; existing resources to be marshalled; the attributes of the state agency, school district or school’s infrastructure; as well as barriers that will challenge solving the problem of chronic absenteeism.
  • Plan development phase. Key steps, metrics for establishing benchmarks and outcomes, stakeholder involvement and accountability measures are agreed upon and written into a document tailored to the state agency, district or school.

  • Implementation phase. A detailed operations plan developed in partnership with the state agency, district, or school is accompanied by select supports from Attendance Works to execute the plan.
Our Technical Assistance and Consulting Team consists of seasoned professionals who are experts in understanding the underlying reasons for chronic absence and the challenges to state agencies, school districts and schools around meeting expectations for students’ academic performance. With extensive knowledge in the fields of education, family support, youth development, interagency collaboration, equity and community building, Attendance Works consultants partner with clients to identify and facilitate needed changes to systems, attitudes and policies that will lead to improved attendance.
Contact Cecelia Leong, Associate Director of Programs (cecelia@attendanceworks.org) for more information or to set-up a free initial consultation.