Personalized Services from the Attendance Works Team of Experts

Preschool to K-12

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For 8 years Attendance Works has joined with states, school districts, schools and communities to unpack the causes of chronic absence and to create sustainable policy and programmatic solutions. Our team of professionals are experts in understanding the underlying reasons for chronic absence and the challenges faced by state agencies, school districts and schools around meeting expectations for students’ academic performance. 

Let Attendance Works experts work with you to develop tailored strategies that fit your circumstances.

Together understand the underlying reasons for chronic absence. An Attendance Works team member will:

  • Assess your policies and practices
  • Analyze the reasons for your rate of chronic absence
  • Develop a plan to significantly improve attendance
  • Arrange for an Attendance Works expert to Keynote a Conference or Facilitate a Workshop on attendance, using your community's chronic absence data in a presentation to your audience of 25 or 1,000 people.
  • Develop an Attendance Works facilitated Peer Learning Network that combines strategic analysis of data with peer to peer sharing and evidence-based practices.
  • Establish an Attendance Team at your school and in your district to actively oversee absences.
  • Use Attendance Works’ data driven approach and personalized expertise to build a comprehensive attendance system.
  • Go in-depth and engage an Attendance Works expert to assess your school district’s or state's attendance policies and practices to develop and implement a plan to significantly improve attendance.
  • Draw on the creativity of the Attendance Works Communications Team to design
    tailored materials.
  • Work with the Attendance Works Communications Team to craft your local or state attendance awareness campaign.

Contact Us! Cecelia Leong, Vice President of Programs ( will provide more information or set-up a free initial consultation with you.

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Thank you again for your willingness, during your busiest month, to squeeze in one more commitment and join us last week in Oklahoma. We are so grateful for your support and have had wonderful feedback from the conversations! We are excited that so many are now thinking about this issue from more of a support lens, rather than only an accountability lens."
— Sonia Johnson, Executive Director Family & Community Engagement, Oklahoma State Department of Education