Health Handouts

Help Reduce Health-Related Absences

Health-related absences are one of the top reasons students miss so many days of school they are at risk of being chronically absent. Occasional absences related to health reasons are to be expected. But absences can quickly add up when a child has an undertreated chronic health condition, lacks access to care or experiences anxiety or other mental health issues. Families might also be confused about when to send a child to school after months of being told to stay home.

Schools and districts can communicate clearly and often with families to address fears about when to send a child to school after an illness or how they can handle a student who may have anxiety. Download the handouts below.

Handouts About Student Health and School

Health Guidance for Going to School

Tips for Staying Healthy

Handout About Anxiety

Handout About Anxiety

Download a zipfile with handouts in English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese.