Customizing Handouts

Attendance Works handouts are free to download and reprint, as long as the credit for Attendance Works remains, either with our logo and/or a line reading “used with permission of Attendance Works.”

If you want to change the wording, please contact Cecelia Leong at

If you’d like to add your logo to these handouts, please leave the existing logo(s) in place and follow these directions:

  1. Save your logo in .jpg format
  2. Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  3. In the Tools menu, click on the Content bar
  4. Select “Edit Object
  5. Right click on the PDF and select “Place image
  6. Choose your .jpg logo and click “Open
  7. Your logo will appear on the PDF. To resize and move the logo, select “Edit Object” again.
  8. Hover over the corner of the logo until you see a double arrow. Click and drag to resize the logo.
  9. Move your logo to the white spot under the Attendance Works logo by hovering over the image until a cross arrow icon appears. Click and drag to move the logo. The Attendance Works logo, or a line reading “used with permission of Attendance Works” should remain on the document.
  10. Save your PDF