Engage children in tracking their own attendance using daily scorecards

Children become invested in their attendance when they track it themselves. Perfectly Punctual has developed scorecards to help with tracking weekly attendance. You can download them or create your own.

Step 1:

Introduce scorecards and let the children practice filling them out for a week or two before official tracking begins. Typically it takes three to four weeks of special attention to institute this ritual as a classroom staple.

Step 2:

Hang scorecards on the wall or next to each cubby so parents and children can fill out scorecards together as children enter.

Step 3:

Once children understand the process, introduce a display to track success: Create a bulletin board featuring photos of children who have been present or perfectly punctual for the week. Or feature an image that children can color in for every week of good attendance.

Step 4:

Send the scorecard home at the end of each week to reinforce for parents the importance of attendance. Also, send home monthly calendar sheets for children and families to monitor attendance. Ask parents to submit completed forms at the end of the month to be entered into a drawing.