Families and Family Organizations

Please download these tools and use them in your community. If you would like to add your logo or adapt them in other ways, please contact us at info@attendanceworks.org.

Parent Handouts

Tips for Good Attendance

We have developed tip sheets in several languages for parents of children in preschool, elementary and secondary school.

Download the Parent Handouts.

Tips for Good Attendance with Policy Advice

We have also created the Parent Handout as a two-page version with policy tips on the back page. Download the Parent Handouts with Policy Tips.

The Student Attendance Success Plan is designed to help parents of students in preschool and elementary school track their children’s attendance and work with teachers to set appropriate goals. The success plan for secondary school helps students track their own attendance and goals. They are based on materials created by Early Works at Earl Boyles Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.

Download the Student Attendance Success Plan work sheet and Facilitor's Guide found on the Student Attendance Success Plan page.


See our Bringing Attendance Home Toolkit

The Education Nation Parent Toolkit includes a page on attendance and this video about routines.

America’s Promise Alliance and the Annie E. Casey Foundation developed these materials to encourage parent engagement in improving school attendance at all grade levels.

Military families and their children face different attendance policies when they move, often in the middle of the school year. These resources can help manage those transitions:

The Consortium of Chicago School Research created these handouts for parents and students going into ninth grade.

The Children’s Initiative in San Diego developed these handouts for parents of kindergartners.

The Multnomah County, Ore., Linkage Project developed this handout for parents in several languages: Kindergarten Attendance Leads to School Success

Attendance Works flyers help parents decide when their children are too sick to attend school. 

This video and related materials from the California School Environmental Health and Asthma Collaborative provide important information about the most common asthma triggers in the home and provides information on how to reduce or eliminate them.

Pledge Cards: Use these pledge cards for parents with children in the early grades.

Interactive Exercises