Superintendents Call to Action

Missing School Matters

The Attendance Awareness Campaign convening partners are calling on Superintendents across the country to raise your voices and lead the effort to improve attendance starting in the early grades in your community. While schools alone can’t do all it takes to improve student attendance, every successful initiative ultimately relies on educators deciding to make the reduction of chronic absence a priority.

We urge you to:

  • Prioritize Attendance: Make clear that improved student attendance is one of your top priorities. Ask your teachers and school leaders to make it one of theirs as well. Designate a senior member of your staff to oversee implementation.

  • Mobilize the Community: Reach out to make improved student attendance a broadly owned and widely shared civic priority. Engage parents, civic and elected leaders, local businesses, clergy members and the libraries, museums and service providers.

  • Drive with Data: Use data to raise public awareness, establish targets and goals, track progress and assure accountability.

Please join us! Take your first step by accepting this challenge.
The Call to Action
Tips for Messaging
  • Join the Attendance Awareness Campaign and celebrate Attendance Awareness Month in September!

  • Download the “Count Us In!” toolkit for tips on how to launch an Attendance Awareness Campaign in your community. The toolkit offers a variety of options for promoting good attendance. Choose which options work best for you and tailor the strategies to reflect the strengths and assets of your community.

Media Tools

If you’ve signed the Call to Action, consider using or adapting these media tools to help spread the word about your district’s involvement. Use this as an opportunity to build awareness about reducing chronic absence and invite key stakeholders to join local efforts to improve school attendance, starting in the early grades.