A Guide for Planning Transitions to Elementary (PreK-5) School

Actionable Data

This section explains actionable data, shares an inspiring actionable data story (bright spot) and offers selected resources to support your efforts.

What is Actionable Data? It means collecting and reporting quantitative attendance and chronic absence data and qualitative analysis that can show reasons that students miss school that are accurate, accessible, timely, comprehensive and understandable. These data will inform the development of prevention and intervention strategies and allocation of resources that support student attendance.

During the 2020-2021 school year, actionable data requires monitoring multiple metrics, including chronic absence, contact, connectivity, relationships and participation. The purpose of data is to activate support (not punitive action) to solve individual and shared challenges, as well as identify effective practices whether school is in-person or remote.

For Prek-5 grades, it is particularly important to encourage families to monitor their own children’s attendance. Educators should also ensure data are shared across preschool and elementary schools.

Attention to Equity

Collecting and disaggregating student data is the primary driver for creating equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students. This data can provide information on which groups of students and families have unmet needs and require targeted supports. Combining qualitative information from students and families with quantitative data creates a deeper understanding of attendance barriers for the development of inclusive problem-solving approaches.

Bright Spot
  • Principals Ericka Guynes of Earl Boyles Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, and Shandria Richmond-Roberts of Harrison Elementary School in Pomona, California discussed how they used data to inform student and family engagement during Covid-19. View their talks during the April 9, 2020 webinar Data + Relationships Can Strengthen Your School's Response to COVID-19, sponsored by the National Association of Elementary School Principals. Download the presentation slides.