Stay the Course: A Winter Messaging Toolkit

Stay the Course: Support Attendance and Learning in the Winter Months

Every winter, bad weather — snow, slush, freezing temperatures or even heavy rains — can present challenges to getting children to school. So do the colds, fevers and earaches that often come with the winter months. On top of all that, hardships have worsened for many and students may have to stay home or quarantine due to Covid-19.

These conditions mean it is even more important to communicate with parents and caregivers about the importance of making every effort to keep their children learning, despite the challenges! Too many absences can add to academic trouble and make it hard for students to stay engaged and achieve in school.

The tools and resources in this winter messaging toolkit (on this page, below) can help parents and community members develop strategies and plans to overcome weather-related barriers that stand in the way of getting children to school. While such extra steps are important for all families, they are even more important for students and families who depend on public transit or walking to get to school, both of which can be easily disrupted in bad weather, or who lack adequate access to health care.

Check back for the family winter weather resources translated into Spanish!

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