Handouts and Messaging

Please note: The materials on this page were created prior to March 2020. Some of the recommendations or images may refer to in-person activities and have not been adapted to conform with health guidelines regulating the number of people who can meet in person or safety measures to prevent transmission of Covid-19. We recommend that you follow your local health department, district and/or state guidance related to safety and education for the 2020-2021 school year.

Whether you’re launching an attendance campaign, releasing chronic absence data, or simply planning a back-to-school night, it’s important to convey the right message about attendance to families, students and the community. Attendance messaging helps build a habit and culture of attendance by helping everyone understand why going to school every day matters and what they can do to ensure students are in school.

Attendance Works has developed materials to help educators, families, business and community leaders send the right messages about reducing chronic absence.