Below is a list of key research related to attendance for Middle & High School

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Getting Teenagers Back to School: Rethinking New York State’s Response to Chronic Absence

Gunderson, Jessica. The Vera Institute of Justice, New York, NY, October 2010. This policy brief looks at one response to the statewide problem of chronic school absence in New York State: reporting parents to the child protective system, which handles allegations of child abuse and neglect. It determines that the system is ill equipped to deal with school attendance and…
Published:   October 2010

Gradual Disengagement: A Portrait of the 2008-2009 Dropouts in Baltimore City Schools

Mac Iver, Martha A. Baltimore Education Research Consortium, August 2010. The majority of students who eventually drop out of high school enter 9th grade with a pattern of chronic absenteeism that goes back at least several years, the study shows. Many have been retained and are behind at least one grade. It is critical to begin interventions in middle school.…
Published:   August 2010

High School Absenteeism and College Persistence

Rhode Island Data HUB. This study followed the high school graduating class of 2009 from their freshman year of high school through college. Researchers found that 20% of the students who graduated were chronically absent, and about 34% of the chronically absent graduates went on to college or a post-secondary setting. Only 11% of the chronically absent students went on…
Published:   July 2015

If We Build It, We Will Come: Impacts of a Summer Robotics Program on Regular Year Attendance in Middle School

Mac Iver, Martha A. and Douglas J. Mac Iver. Baltimore Education Research Consortium, Baltimore, Md. April 2011.A study of two first‐time ninth grade cohorts in Baltimore City Schools, followed forward to their on‐time graduation year and one year beyond, found that increasing ninth grade attendance and course passing rates is the most important lever for increasing the graduation rate. The…
Published:   April 2011

Looking Forward to High School and College: Middle Grade Indicators of Readiness in Chicago Public Schools

Allensworth, Elaine M. University of Chicago, Consortium on Chicago School Research, November 2014. CCSR has already produced powerful research showing the effects of poor attendance as early as preschool and on the success of efforts to improve achievement and attendance in ninth grade. The middle school report tracks about 20,000 Chicago Public Schools students from elementary to high school. Researchers…
Published:   November 2014

Most US middle and high schools start the school day too early. Students need adequate sleep for their health, safety, and academic success

Wheaton, Ann. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, August 6, 2015. Fewer than 1 in 5 middle and high schools in the U.S. began the school day at the recommended 8:30 AM start time or later during the 2011-2012 school year, according to data published today in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Too-early…
Published:   August 2015
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