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State of Chronic Absenteeism and School Health: A Preliminary Review for the Baltimore Community

The Baltimore Student Attendance Campaign and Elev8 Baltimore, April 2012. To address the problem of health-related absenteeism, Elev8 Baltimore and the Baltimore Student Attendance Campaign collaborated to prepare a preliminary review of absenteeism and school-based health services (referred to in this report as school health) in Baltimore City. This review aims to analyze existing data, policies, and programs to create…
Published:   April 2012

The Effects of Maternal Depression on Child Outcomes during the First Years of Formal Schooling

Claessens, Amy, Mimi Engel, F. Chris Curran. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 3rd quarter, 2015. Using a nationally representative sample of nearly 17,000 children, researchers examine the association between the timing, persistence, and severity of maternal depression, measured in kindergarten and third grade, and children’s school behaviors, academic achievement, and school absences in third and fifth grades. Results indicate that persistent…
Published:   September 2014

The Relationship of School Breakfast to Psychosocial and Academic Functioning

Murphy, J. Michael et al. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, vol. 152, September 1998. This study provides strong evidence that higher rates of participation in school breakfast programs are associated with improved student functioning on a broad range of psychosocial and academic measures. Students who increased their participation in the universal free breakfast program had significantly greater increases in…
Published:   September 1998

Unaffordable Dental Care Is Linked to Frequent School Absences

Pourat, Nadereh and Gina Nicholson. UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, November 2009. Tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease of childhood and affects nearly 60% of children in the United States. In 2007, approximately 7% of school-age children in California missed at least one day of school due to a dental problem. The ability to afford needed…
Published:   November 2009
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