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Elementary School Nurse Interventions: Attendance and Health Outcomes

Weismuller, Penny C., et al. Elementary School Nurse Interventions: Attendance and Health Outcomes, The Journal of School Nursing, April 2007; vol. 23, 2: pp. 111-118. Regular school attendance is a necessary part of the learning process; student absenteeism has a direct association with poor academic performance. School nurses can influence student attendance. This study describes the impact of school nurse…
Published:   April 2007

Impact of Particulate Matter Exposure and Surrounding “Greenness” on Chronic Absenteeism in Massachusetts Public Schools

MacNaughton, Pier, Erika Eitland, et. al., International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, February 2017. Researchers examined the impact two environmental factors, on chronic absenteeism in schools in Massachusetts. They found that improvements in green space and air pollution surrounding schools may result in reductions of chronically absent students, when controlled for other social factors.
Published:   February 2017

Parental Depressive Symptoms and Children’s School Attendance and Emergency Department Use: A Nationally Representative Study

Guevara, James P., David Mandell, Shooshan Danagoulian, Maternal and Child Health Journal August 2013. Using a secondary analysis of the 1997–2004 National Health Interview Survey, researchers assessed the association between parental depressive symptoms and school attendance and emergency department use among children with and without chronic health conditions. The results suggest the importance of measuring depressive symptoms among adult caregivers…
Published:   August 2013

Review: The association between anxiety and poor attendance at school – a systematic review

Finning, Katie, et. al., Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, February 2019. In this review 4930 articles, researchers found that anxiety may be associated with poor attendance at school which can lead to a range of adverse academic, social and economic outcomes. The authors conclude that clinicians should consider the possibility of anxiety in children and adolescents with poor…
Published:   February 2019

School Absenteeism Among Children Living With Smokers

Levy, Douglas E., Jonathan P. Winickoff, and Nancy A. Rigotti. Pediatrics: Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, September 2, 2011. Children of parents who smoke have worse attendance than their peers with healthier parents, according to this study. Researchers looked at data from the 2005 National Health Interview Survey to assess the relationship between adult-reported household tobacco use…
Published:   September 2011

School-located influenza vaccination and absenteeism among elementary school students in a Hispanic community.

Keck, Patricia C., Marcus Antonius Ynalvez et al., The Journal of School Nursing. July 2013. This study examines the impact of a school-located influenza vaccination (SLIV) program on elementary school absenteeism in an inner city school district with a predominantly Hispanic population. Results indicate that students vaccinated through an SLIV program have fewer absences than unvaccinated students.
Published:   July 2013

State of Chronic Absenteeism and School Health: A Preliminary Review for the Baltimore Community

The Baltimore Student Attendance Campaign and Elev8 Baltimore, April 2012. To address the problem of health-related absenteeism, Elev8 Baltimore and the Baltimore Student Attendance Campaign collaborated to prepare a preliminary review of absenteeism and school-based health services (referred to in this report as school health) in Baltimore City. This review aims to analyze existing data, policies, and programs to create…
Published:   April 2012
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