For a general outline of strategies for city leaders, see What Can I Do.


The Toolkit for City Leaders offers:

  • The imperative to address chronic absence early in a child’s school career
  • Five strategies for leading the community and school systems in improving attendance.
  • Profiles of cities and selected local programs that illustrate how chronic absence can be reduced effectively.
  • Templates and tools for assessing data and identifying barriers to attendance
  • Resources for assisting city leaders in this important work.

Detailed Analysis: To address the issue of chronic absence most effectively, it is important that your school districts look at the data. Analyzing by grade, school, and sub-population will allow you to target your response to the groups that need it most. Below are templates to help guide your analysis.


Data Tool: Attendance Works has launched the District Attendance Tracking Tool (DATT), a self-calculating spreadsheet that allows school districts to upload attendance data and receive a chronic absence analysis.  For more information and to register, please visit the webpage Tools for Calculating Chronic Absence.

If you would like assistance from us, please fill out our City Leaders: Request for Assistance Form.

Handout: 10 Steps Communities Can Take to Reduce Chronic Absence

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