Early Care Providers

For more detailed information, see our Tools for Early Education Providers.

As preschool and early care providers, you lay the foundation for good attendance habits for life. This Why Attendance Matter handout makes the case for why and how you can help. You can:

  • Collect and analyze attendance data for each child not just at the classroom or program level so you notice when chronic absence or tardiness is a problem.
  • Hold an activity at the beginning of the morning – such as show and tell – that children are excited to participate in and don’t want to miss.
  • Educate children and parents about the importance of on time attendance. If you are in a neighborhood with high rates of chronic absence, partner with schools to build awareness throughout the community.
  • Recognize and reward parents who regularly get their children to school on-time!
  • Reach out to families who have trouble getting to your program regularly and help connect them to resources that could improve their attendance.
  • Help families connect and help each other attend regularly through carpools and ride sharing (there’s nothing like peer pressure to get your kids up and out the door).
  • Train all adults in your early childhood program (teachers and volunteers) on the importance of attendance, so there is shared awareness of the prevalence and negative consequences of chronic absence.
  • Partner with health providers to screen and assess the level of unmet physical and mental health needs among children and then use the results to help forge partnerships to address the most significant health issues.
  • Use the Attendance Works PowerPoint presentations to build public awareness and consensus.

The University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development has developed a toolkit to help preschoolers manage the transition to kindergarten, based on a progam used in the Pittsburgh Public Schools for the past few years. Click here to download Pathways to Schoool Success.