A Guide to Planning Transitions to School

Transition Attendance Analysis Tools

Attendance Works has developed in pilot form Transition Attendance Analysis Tools as companions to the Present, Engaged and Supported: A Guide for Planning Transitions to School.

The tools are organized as District, Elementary (PreK-5), and Secondary (6-12). The tools are available as PDFs and as a survey (Survey Monkey). Contact help@attendanceworks.org to receive a copy of the Survey Monkey.

Used together, the Guide and the Transition Attendance Analysis Tool enable your District, Elementary, or Secondary attendance team to set priorities based upon an analysis of your school or district’s particular strengths, realities and challenges.

Why Pilot the Analysis Tool?

At Attendance Works, our regular method of developing tools is to pilot them with a large group of innovative partners to make sure they reflect ongoing challenges, provide realistic strategies, and are the most helpful for our users. We are releasing these in pilot form to make them available for developing plans for the 2020-21 school year. If you would like to pilot, please contact help@attendanceworks.org so that we can seek your feedback and alert you to updates.

Developing a Plan: The results of the Transition Attendance Analysis Tool can show the team whether you are just beginning to put a plan in place or are well on the way. If you have a plan, the results can serve as a checklist to make sure you’ve addressed inequities, haven’t missed a critical ingredient and anticipated what might happen during the next school year. The key is to agree as a team about the strategic priorities and action steps, and communicate them effectively to all who need to know. Use the results from  Analysis Tool to help fill in the Transition Planning Tool, and help your team take the next steps.

We encourage you to use the Guide, the Analysis Tool and the Transition Planning Tool as you revise, adapt and develop a plan for the 2020-21 fall semester and subsequently a year-long transition plan.

Access the Analysis Tools

To learn more about the underlying concepts, read our Present, Engaged and Supported: A Guide for Planning Transitions to School

For questions about the tools, email help@attendanceworks.org