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Targeted Strategies

Personalized welcome-to-school call or home visit from teachers to students and families with a history of chronic absence or within a subpopulation that has high absenteeism rates.

Mentoring Quality mentoring, especially as part of a school-wide effort, can be a strategy to improve attendance. Research shows that students who meet regularly with a mentor at school have improved academic achievement and attendance.

Attendance buddies for students with a history of chronic absence. These buddies—school staff, older students or community volunteers—can check in with students daily, call home for each absence and refer students and families to needed resources.

Out of school time (or expanded learning) activities targeted to students with a history of chronic absence. Research shows engaging before and after school programs can improve school-day attendance.

Community walk-to-school programs or buddies for students living in neighborhoods with high concentrations of chronic absence, high levels of community violence, family members who have difficulty managing the walk, or dangerous traffic patterns.

Health support inside or outside of school for students and families with medical, dental or mental health challenges.

Connection to social services and case management for students who missed more than 20% (2 months) of school in the prior year and show signs of continued challenges.

For more information, see the full toolkit: The Power of Positive Connections.