What is the Network to Advance State Attendance Policy and Practice?  

The Network to Advance State Attendance Policy and Practice (NASAPP) is a forum for colleagues interested in advancing state level policy and practice to improve student attendance and reduce chronic absence. It offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Exchange ideas and learn from each other;

  • Nurture the evolution of a more common framework and theory of action for advancing state attendance policy and practice; and

  • Provide feedback to Attendance Works or other partners on forthcoming policy briefs and state resources.

NASAPP recognizes the critical importance of state level action and policy in ensuring best practices can be sustained and taken to scale.

How Does NASAPP Operate?

NASAPP welcomes the participation of organizations and individuals committed to advancing better attendance policy and practice at the state level. Participants reflect a variety of institutional backgrounds including policy advocacy organizations, state departments and boards of education, early childhood education, research institutions, philanthropy, and the juvenile justice system, to name a few.  We encourage the participation of multiple individuals from the same state so they can forge relationships and common understandings that will help them work together to advance action. We also welcome colleagues from national organizations committed to supporting improved state level action.

NASAPP currently meets via conference call 4-5 times over the course of the year. Participants are welcome to offer comments via email if they are unable to participate. Calls typically involve a combination of peer sharing and discussion of a proposed policy brief or idea. 

How Can I Join NASAPP?

If you are interested in joining NASAPP, please contact Hedy Chang, Executive Director and President of Attendance Works at hedy@attendanceworks.org or Sue Fothergill, Director of Strategic Programming at sue@attendanceworks.org.