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January 2021*

Are Students Present and Accounted For? An Examination of State Attendance Policies During the Covid-19 Pandemic, by Attendance Works, January 2021.

This report discusses how the coronavirus pandemic impacted attendance data. It presents a summary of state attendance guidance developed since spring 2020, and examines the extent to which recent state guidance guarantees the availability of consistent, reliable data taken on a daily basis.

A scan of state attendance policies shows that 31 states plus the District of Columbia have requirements that attendance be taken daily. Another six states require attendance be taken, but not daily, while eleven states leave the decision about how and when to track attendance to local discretion. In two states, attendance expectations were not explicitly addressed in available guidance. View the scan of state attendance policies.

Early data suggests that millions of students have missed a significant amount of school during the pandemic. When attendance is taken daily, absenteeism can serve as an early warning signal to help states, districts and community partners know when action, additional outreach and resources are needed to help schools support students and their families.

* Note

This report and the 50 state scan have been revised to reflect updated information from Michigan. 

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