Published: _ _September 2015
Mapping the Early Attendance Gap: Charting a Course for Student Success. Attendance Works & Healthy Schools Campaign, September 2015.
This report shows how disparities in school attendance rates starting as early as preschool and kindergarten are contributing to achievement gaps and high school dropout rates across the country. The report also highlights the connection between health and attendance and the power of states to tackle absenteeism by tapping key champions, leveraging data, and learning from places that have improved attendance despite challenging conditions. 
Scroll down the page to read in-depth state profiles for California, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Learn more about the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection from the 2013-14 school year, and find a link directly to the CRDC.

Attendance Works has created a guide for accessing the 2013-14 CRDC to help filter the data for your state or LEA.

State Profiles: Mapping the Early Attendance Gap

The Mapping the Early Attendance Gap brief encourages states to dig deep into their attendance data and determine the who, what, when, where and why of their chronic absence problem. These profiles document states that have begun this important work and shows how they have taken five key steps toward addressing chronic absence.


California’s experience illustrates the value of chronic absence being adopted, over time, as a priority by a cross-section of state champions who are now working together to cultivate awareness and action.

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island chronic absence work illustrates the power of combining pioneering local work with an effective “inside/outside” partnership at the state level.


Utah’s journey to reduce chronic absence illustrates how interest that begins with one sector—in this case, the afterschool community—can expand to a range of key stakeholders and spur statewide awareness and interest.