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The reports on this page are listed alphabetically and examine the issue of chronic absence nationwide and in selected communities. Use the search box to find research using the author name. See the early education, elementary, secondary and other research categories on the right. To submit new research, please contact us.

Absenteeism in D.C. Public Schools Early Education Program

Dubay, Lisa and Nikhil Holla. Urban Institute, January 26, 2015. Enrollment in early childhood education programs can be an important stepping stone to higher educational achievement, particularly for low-income children. This report examines the extent of absenteeism in the District of Columbia Public Schools’ school-based Head Start program in the 2013–2014 school year. Absence rates and the share of students…
Published:   January 2015

Academic achievement of African American boys: A city-wide, community-based investigation of risk and resilience

Fantuzzo, John. Journal of School Psychology, Volume 50, Issue 5, October 2012, pages 559–579. This study of about 8,900 Philadelphia children went beyond a simple measure of poverty to explore six risk factors that influence the achievement gap between African American and White boys and demonstrated that students facing more risk factors suffer academically. The study also showed that African…
Published:   October 2012

Addressing Early Warning Indicators: Interim Impact Findings from the Investing in Innovation (i3) Evaluation of Diplomas Now

Corrin, William. This report shares first-year impacts of a multi-year program from Diplomas Now, paying particular attention to attendance, behavior, and course performance outcomes of students in sixth or ninth grade. The report finds reduced chronic absenteeism in the sixth grade by an average of 17 percent, suggesting it’s possible to reduce chronic absenteeism in underserved environments in the US.…
Published:   June 2016

Assessing the Impacts of Student Transportation on Public Transit

Fan, Y. and K. Das. University of Minnesota, Metro Transit, Minneapolis Public Schools, Dec. 2015. Researchers analyzed a program that provided transit passes to high school students living more than 2 miles from school and all students eligible for free or reduced price meals. The analysis found that pass users had 23 percent lower absenteeism, and participated in more learning…
Published:   December 2015

Association of Classroom Ventilation with Reduced Illness Absence: A Prospective Study in California Elementary Schools

Mendell, Mark. Indoor Air, vol 23, issue 3, April 2013. This report found that bringing classroom ventilation rates up to the state-mandated standard may reduce student absences due to illness by approximately 3.4 percent. Extensive data on ventilation rates was collected from more than 150 classrooms in California over two years. The study found that ventilation rates varied widely across…
Published:   April 2013

Attendance in Early Elementary Grades: Association with Student Characteristics, School Readiness and Third Grade Outcomes

Applied Survey Research, May 2011. A study commissioned by Attendance Works suggests that attendance in the early grades is critical to sustaining the school readiness skills that preschool or Head Start programs can help children to develop. This study conducted by Applied Survey Research examined the progress of 640 young California children in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties where…
Published:   July 2011
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