Local funders – whether a foundation, individual donor or a government agency – can offer critical resources for advancing the work on chronic absence and attendance.

If you’re trying to engage a local funder, use this Making the Case handout.

Strategies for Attendance Awareness Month include:

1. Create a local toolkit for your grantees and other community groups with the information about school attendance and Attendance Awareness Month

2. Sponsor a back-to-school, door knocking campaign before school starts to encourage good attendance

3. Join with the superintendent and mayor to encourage an appropriate existing coalition with an aligned mission to help spearhead a a community-wide approach to reducing chronic absence. If such a coalition doesn’t exist, form one!

4. Support an in-depth data analysis looking at trends in chronic absence and support training for teachers and principals

5. Encourage grantees to use chronic absence rates as a metric in measuring success in education-related programs


If you have suggestions or improvements to the list, please send them to phyllis@attendanceworks.org