Afterschool and Summer Learning Providers can provide the extra support and guidance that students and families need to develop good attendance habits. Afterschool programs play a critical role in partnering with schools to support and reinforce good attendance habits. Research indicates that when children are engaged with afterschool, their school attendance improves.

This handout for Out-of-School-Time Providers shares the rationale and the best strategies for focusing on attendance.

Strategies for Attendance Awareness Month include:

1. Stress the importance of building a habit of good attendance to parents and students. Consider an event or special messaging at the start of the school year.

2. In afterschool programs, ask students if they attended school that day. Consider making school-day attendance a requirement for participation in activities.

3. In summer programs, talk to students and families about the importance of attendance in the school year. Use summer to build routines for  the school year. Share tips with parents.

4. Create contracts or participation agreements with parents about your expectations, including regular attendance. Reach out to parents when absences pile up and reward those with good attendance.

5. Track program attendance and chronic absence numbers carefully and share with the school district. Ask the school district to share information with you about chronically absent students


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