Afterschool Providers

For more detailed information see our Tools for Afterschool Providers.

Afterschool programs play a critical role in partnering with schools to support and reinforce good attendance habits. Research indicates that when children are engaged with afterschool, their school attendance improves.

  • Make good attendance – in the program and in school – a featured goal of the program.
  • Talk with parents about the importance of attendance: If their children aren’t in school, they won’t be able to keep up and advance.
  • Suggest and support ways to help parents, families, and students help each other, such as phone trees, buddy systems, pick-up and drop-off backups, transportation pools, transportation discounts, and others.
  • Get school attendance data for your program participants.
  • Find out if any of the children in your program are chronically absent from school.
  • Support school outreach, and efforts to identify and overcome barriers to good attendance.