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Webinar? Make it a party!

April 6, 2015

We hope you’re signed up for the free Ready, Set Go! webinar on April 15 that launches planning for Attendance Awareness Month. If you are, consider turning it into an opportunity to connect educators with community partners. In the past, several communities have hosted webinar parties, projecting the slides on a big screen and then talking afterwards about how they can apply what they heard. It can work as a conference call, too. You can host your event on the day of the webinar or later on when they audio tape is available.

Attendance Works has created a discussion guide for the webinar that will help you lead the conversation. The speakers will address:

  • How California’s Attorney General is promoting awareness and action to reduce chronic absence and prevent students from ever becoming involved in the legal system
  • How the United Way and school districts in the Pittsburgh area leveraged Attendance Awareness Month to launch a county-wide Be There! campaign with year-long supports in targeted schools
  • How the Council Bluffs school district in Iowa used its local campaign to engage state policymakers and initiate interventions in schools

Register here for webinar, and be sure to sign up here to receive regular updates and resources.

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