A Guide for Planning Transitions to Secondary (Grades 6-12) School

Strategic Partnerships

This section explains strategic partnerships, shares an inspiring strategic partnerships story (bright spot) and offers selected resources to support your efforts.

What Are Strategic Partnerships? It involveds strengthening and expanding partnerships between the district, school and community to provide for a full range of resources and supports to address barriers to attendance. Engage outside partners that can support building relationships and engaging students and families in identifying and addressing attendance barriers.

For the 2020-2021 school year, strategic partnerships should support or expand site-level capacity to address basic needs (i.e. food, physical and behavioral health service, economic support and housing), ensure access to the internet and technology, and provide additional opportunities for engagement and enrichment.

Attention to Equity

Schools have the power to promote equity through their strategic partnerships. Ensure that all agencies and organizations selected to provide services and support to your school community are representative of the members of the school population. Priority is given to grassroots organizations that have relationships and connections to your school’s students and families.

Bright Spot
  • Guilford County Schools first partnered with four other large school districts in North Carolina to share ideas and discuss options for reopening schools. Guilford then formed a local task force and partnered with over 150 internal and external stakeholders to plan their back-to-school efforts. Find out more.