A Guide for Planning Transitions to Secondary (Grades 6-12) School

Capacity Building

This section explains capacity building, shares an inspiring capacity building story (bright spot) and offers selected resources to support your efforts.

What Is Capacity Building? It means providing professional development to district and school staff and community partners so they have the skills and knowledge they need to take a data-driven, positive, problem-solving and multi-tiered approach to supporting student attendance, participation and engagement.

During 2020-2021, capacity building requires a leadership team to build the skills necessary to manage hybrid learning environments and multiple transitions, promote digital literacy, and ensure professional development is ongoing and responsive to the social-emotional and physical needs of the entire school community.

Attention to Equity

A commitment to equity will enhance your school’s capacity building efforts. Include the diverse representation of your faculty, staff, students, families and partners by engaging them in the planning process and taking steps so it is inclusive and equitably accessible to all.

Bright Spot