A Guide for Planning Transitions to Elementary (PreK-5) School

Strategic Partnerships

This section explains strategic partnerships, shares inspiring strategic partnership stories (bright spot) and offers selected resources to support your efforts.

What Are Strategic Partnerships? It involves strengthening and expanding partnerships between the district, school and community to provide for a full range of resources and supports to address barriers to attendance. Engage outside partners that can support building relationships and engaging students and families in identifying and addressing attendance barriers.

For the 2020-2021 school year, strategic partnerships should expand site-level capacity to address basic needs (i.e. food, physical and behavioral health services, economic supports and housing), ensure access to the internet and technology, and provide additional opportunities for engagement and enrichment.

For PreK-5, strategic partnerships can support collaboration with families and address the health needs of the entire family. Act on opportunities to engage partners in efforts that provide interactive enrichment opportunities that bring back the joy of learning.

Attention to Equity

Schools, with support from district leaders, have the power to promote equity through their strategic partnerships. They can ensure that all partner agencies and organizations are representative of the race/ethnicity, income level, gender and abilities of their school community, and can prioritize partnerships with grassroots organizations that have relationships with the school’s students and families.

Bright Spot
  • The Ready To Learn Initiative of the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) addresses health needs rooted in social, racial, and economic inequities by creating relevant content that builds the capacity in the school community. Since 2014, CHF has partnered with two NYC elementary schools to implement a comprehensive school-based model.