Possible Stakeholders

Identify Community Partners

Mobilizing the community begins with identifying key stakeholders who want to partner with your school district. We recommend:

If your community is participating in the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, tap the coalition in place to engage the community in improving attendance. See a list of participating communities here. Attendance, along with school readiness and summer learning, are central pillars of its comprehensive approach to improving 3rd grade reading proficiency.  All the right players might already be involved, or the coalition could consider using attendance as a way to engage additional partners in its work.

Consider reaching out to other existing coalitions. Networks already organized to reform schools, promote health and/or improve communities might offer enthusiastic partnership and leadership around addressing chronic absence.

If you don’t have a plan or a coalition in place, compile a list and convene community partners who can help schools improve attendance. Natural partners include:

  • Mayor or county leader

  • Government agencies, including social services, health, housing and transportation departments

  • PTA or parent advocacy groups

  • Teachers union or leadership

  • United Way and community-based nonprofits

  • Local foundations

  • Chamber of Commerce and business leaders

  • Law enforcement

  • Juvenile judges or prosecutors who deal with truancy cases

  • Faith leaders

  • Afterschool providers

  • Healthcare providers

  • Ethnic and cultural associations