Calculating Chronic Absence


Many schools, districts, and communities are interested in analyzing their attendance data for the first time to see if missing school is a significant problem.  To simplify the process, Attendance Works has partnered with Applied Survey Research to develop self-calculating spreadsheets for school districts called the District Attendance Tracking Tools (DATTs).  These tools are especially effective for smaller districts with more limited data capacity. The companion tools are the School Attendance Tracking Tools (SATTs) which provides school-level analysis down to the individual student level.

Organized into three separate modules for grades K-5 (Elementary), 6-8 (Middle) and 9-12 (High), the DATTs and SATTs are designed for small to mid-sized school districts.  Each DATT/SATT module can accommodate up to 65,000 students.  We are now piloting two additional versions for prekindergarten and Special Education.

In addition, we now offer a tool to combine the reports from each separate module into one K-12 set of reports on chronic absence for your district.

Essentially Excel files embedded with formulas, tables, and charts, the DATTs and SATTs are designed to work with a school’s student information system.  School districts can upload attendance data and receive an analysis of chronic absence rates by school, grade and racial/ethnic breakdowns, as well as a list of absentee students. While they cannot replace a district’s regular data system, the tools are helpful for providing a snapshot of the levels of chronic absenteeism in the school or district.

The DATT and SATT are available free of charge from Attendance Works.  In exchange, we ask users to share their summary data with Attendance Works for internal evaluation purposes.  Data would only be shared externally with permission or on an anonymous basis.