Sue Fothergill facilitates Attendance Works’ Network to Advance State Attendance Policy and Practice (NASAPP), a network of more than 100 organizations from 31 states and the District of Columbia. Ms. Fothergill is also responsible for technical assistance at the local and state level and coordinating Attendance Works policy work at the federal and state level. Prior to joining Attendance Works, Sue served as the director of Attendance and Related Strategies for the Family League of Baltimore. Her earlier positions include: director of the Baltimore Student Attendance Campaign with Baltimore’s Safe and Sound Campaign, education advocate with the ACLU of Maryland’s Education Reform Project, director of advocacy and founder City Neighbors Foundation, and co-chair of the Baltimore Education Coalition. Sue is the recipient of the John Brown Education Advocacy Award from Children First and the Distinguished Service Award from the PTA Council of Baltimore County. Sue holds a B.A. in Public Policy from University of Baltimore and is the parent of two wonderful boys.

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