Jane Sundius works as a consultant to foundations and non-profits, evaluating social and educational justice initiatives.  She is currently evaluating a five-year old multi-state effort to support parent- and youth-led campaigns to change punitive school discipline policies. From 1996 to 2015, Jane developed and directed the Education and Youth Program at the Open Society Foundations’ Baltimore office. During her 16-year tenure, she directed a program that led to major policy and regulatory changes in school discipline in Baltimore and across the state. She also directed multi-year initiatives seeking to understand the causes of and solutions to the very poor student attendance that characterizes urban schools. Jane writes and speaks frequently on issues of education justice and access, the impact of poverty on children’s life outcomes, the policy and practice implications of concentrated poverty and trauma on children, school climate, student discipline and attendance. Jane has also worked as a senior research associate on a longitudinal study of urban school children. She lives in Baltimore, MD.

Contact Jane Sundius via email: jane.sundius@gmail.com