The National Student Attendance, Engagement, and Success Center (NSAESC) is sponsoring a series of webinars to share practices around early warning systems that identify students who are missing too much school. The webinars, open to the public, will also share strategies to support the Success Mentor initiatives underway in the 30 My Brother’s Keepers cities. Register here for the webinars.

  • March 8: Whole School and Group (Tier 1 and II) Interventions and Strategies to Address Behavior Listen to the webinar recording !
  • April 25: Methods for Identifying Root Causes of Chronic Absence
  • May 3: What Is Needed for Effective Data Tools for EWS: Tracking Data and Interventions
  • May 9: A Deeper Dive: Lessons Learned about Improving Attendance Among Our Most Vulnerable Students, with Attendance Works
  • May 16: POSTPONED! Starting Early: Recruiting and Supporting Elementary Success Mentors, with Attendance Works
  • May 17: Using Early Warning Systems to Overcome Poverty’s Influence on Absenteeism
  • May 31: Opportunities with ESSA to Deepen the Work on EWS, with Attendance Works
  • June 6: Intervention Review: Conducting School Based Analysis of Interventions and Strategies (MBK & EWS)
  • June 14: Lessons from the Field: Shared Practices from Implementing Districts (MBK & EWS)
  • June 15: Using Success Stories to Reverse Chronic Absenteeism: Identifying the Tracks that Bring Students Back (MBK)
The center’s mission is to disseminate evidence based practices and build communities of practice to help students attend every day, be engaged in school, and succeed academically. These efforts will help all students graduate high school prepared for college, career, and civic life.

NSAESC held an online summit on April 3rd and 4th to kick off the Center and its partnership with the US Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Healthy Schools. Participants heard from national experts on chronic absenteeism, early warning systems, and the Success Mentor strategy, and asked questions about using chronic absenteeism as an indicator to measure school quality or student success in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans.

Keep an eye out for the center’s new website, to be released soon. In the meantime look for resources from other partners who are contributing to the work of the NSAESC:

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