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Given that 90 percent of families now use cellphones, educators across the country are experimenting with texting as a way to reach parents. Some schools are texting to deliver messages about school attendance. We don’t yet have research to show the efficacy of that approach. But in a blog post in Education Week, Harvard researchers Todd Rogers and Kim Bohling offered some tips for educators who text. Here are five take aways:

  1. Be specific. Text about a student’s absences versus the overall importance of attendance; if possible, suggest an action.
  2. Be personal. Use names and the right personal pronouns.
  3. Be brief. If your texts go longer than 160 characters they may break into two messages.
  4. Be strategic: Don’t bombard families with too many texts. Reserve them for the information you need to share.
  5. Be positive: Be sure to let families know when something is going right. That makes it a little easier when you’ve got bad news to deliver.

Read the full blog post here.

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