Improving attendance and reducing chronic absence is not rocket science, but it does take commitment, collaboration, and tailored approaches to the particular challenges and strengths of each school community.  Schools, communities, and advocates across the nation have successfully taken steps to ensure children are attending school more regularly.

On the left, you’ll find success stories from programs and communities across the country. If you’ve got a story to tell, share it with us at Below is a description of the key strategies for reducing chronic absence in school sites and then key ingredients for systemic change that need to exist across a school district and broader communities. Both levels are essential to having a sustained impact.



Strategies for School Sites

A. Recognize Good and Improved Attendance

B. Engage Students and Parents

C. Monitor Attendance Data and Practice

D. Provide Personalized Early Outreach

E. Develop Programmatic Response to Barriers


Key Ingredients for Systemic Change

A. Positive Messaging

B. Actionable Data

C. Capacity Building

D. Shared Accountability