Attendance Works has created this video to explain the problem of chronic absence — its prevalence across the country and its impact on student achievement at every grade level. We also offer solutions that can engage the school and the community in building a culture of good attendance. And we give examples of how communities and school districts are addressing the barriers that keep students from getting to school.  To download this video, please use the following Vimeo link:

If you’re using this video in a presentation, depending upon the situation, you can show the whole piece (a little over six minutes) or consider showing it in two parts:

  • What is the Problem: The first 2 minutes and 45 seconds present the problem, its effects starting in kindergarten, and the reasons that chronic absence often remains a hidden problem. 

Stop the video at 2:45 and take some time to discuss attendance trends at your school or in your district or community.

  • What Are the Solutions:  The next segment discusses broad solutions to reducing chronic absence, strategies which include engaging parents, tracking the right data, addressing health needs and fixing transportation barriers.   The final part of the video (starting at 4:15) gives real life examples in New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Springfield, Mass., and Community Schools programs across the country.

 After the video is over, discuss which approaches and strategies make the most sense for your community.