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Attendance Works is a national and state initiative that promotes better policy and practice around school attendance. We promote tracking chronic absence data for each student beginning in kindergarten, or ideally earlier, and partnering with families and community agencies to intervene when poor attendance is a problem for students or schools.

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Unknown Attendance Awareness Month is here! View our map to see how hundreds of communities across America are celebrating. If you are hosting an event, let us know by filling out this form.

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Join Our Call To Action Superintendents and school leaders play a pivotal role in monitoring and improving school attendance. Leaders across the country are joining our Call to Action on attendance, jointly sponsored by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. Learn more about how you can sign up and reduce the number of students in your schools and district who are chronically absent—missing nearly a month or more of school every year.

Attendance Works

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9/30 Webinar: Getting Beyond Negative Perceptions About Parents -  Attendance Awareness Month offers us the opportunity to deepen our efforts to end chronic absence. The work in Campaign for Grade-Level Reading communities across the nation Continue Reading →


Teaching Attendance: Everyday Strategies to Help Teachers Improve Attendance and Raise Achievement

Teaching Attendance Toolkit To help you build a culture of attendance and maintain it throughout the school year, we have created this teacher toolkit, Teaching Attendance: Everyday Strategies to Help Teachers Improve Attendance and Raise Achievement.  We encourage you to draw from the resources we have developed to help drive up attendance in your classroom and […]