In February 2011, the Task Force launched a new program that has received national attention:  WakeUp! NYC – a multimedia awareness campaign that partners with Viacom, MTV, local radio, TV, and social media networks to spread the word about attendance.,  6,500 chronically absent students in New York City began getting celebrity wake-up calls to ensure they get to school. And not just any wake-up calls.  Basketball great Magic Johnson is “calling the shots,” exhorting them to “get up out of bed and into school, try hard and do well.”

R&B singer Trey Songz tells the students: “To make it big, you gotta go to school and get your education, just like I did. It’s the key to a better future, better job, better money, better life.”

WakeUp! NYC calls went to 250,000 chronically absent students citywide.



Added November 2011