The Maryland State Department of Education has, since 1991, required schools to report on the percentage of students who miss 20 days or more of school. This data is then made available on-line.

Policy Brief

Attendance Works created this brief highlighting Maryland statewide data.

The Power of Attendance:  Spurring Achievement, Improving Schools.  Attendance Works, May 2010.  In 2009, across Maryland, more than 80,000 students had 20 or more absences—excused and unexcused. Rather than look just at truancy, this measure of “chronic absence” gives schools and districts a fuller picture of what’s going on with a student or a community.  The State  Department of Education:  1) requires schools and districts to track students missing 20 days of school in an academic year, 2) requires schools and districts to track students missing 5 or fewer days, 3) posts attendance data on the MSDE website, 4) requires 94 percent average daily attendance to meet state standards for schools serving Kindergarten through 8th grade, and 5) includes some attendance data in its longitudinal student database.

Get the policy brief: The Power of Attendance: Spurring Achievement, Improving Schools